9, Th12 2021
Genesis Island brings new possibilities

Since July, The entire NFT game market to be hot,led to its subdivision of Gamefi will fly again.
As the first Wild Survival game on BSC Chain.The GenesisIsland biring its onw hot pot when the game online.Presenting financial products as games。Make Defi to be the game,game props to be NFT,There is no centralized company operating the game, and players can participate in the modification and optimization of the game to make it more fun and earn money while playing the game.That’s the, charm of this game.

Blind box pre-sale mechanism to promote the price of the token go up.Without the technical intervention of scientists and a few other players, the average user have more fun.In addition, the game is made by the early developers of Farmer World, the infrastructure on the BSC chain is relatively complete, and the threshold of participation is lowered. Undoubtedly, The GenesisIsland is probably the most representative project with strong consensus this year, which has aroused high attention from the community since its launched.

Multi-token economy is the new trend of GameFi in the future.

GenesisIsland uses the multi-token economy model, which corresponds to three different resources in the game:
You can open the blind box, to earn the vicious dog.By feeding the dog.you can,earn meat,iron and crystal.Then you can use the meat,iron, crystal to build and upgrade the game props equipments.

Players can purchase tools in the Market outside the game, and acquire tools in the game through resource synthesis, etc., to establish a perfect deflation mechanism of tokens inside and outside the game, and effectively ensure the steady increase in the value of tokens.

GenesisIsland has the essence of earning money while playing. Players can upgrade their equipment by opening a blind box and randomly acquiring different types and levels of NFT. If it is a high level NFT, it can be worth several times.

It’s easy to see how popular Metaverse games are on the market, GenesisIsland as a good example,obviously many,people didn’t catch up in the early days of the game. The current economic system is perfect, but the high price of NFT products in the game is clearly not accessible to ordinary users.

GenesisIsland has a very strong community base overseas and has more discussion on social media. At present, the global marketing campaign is gradually launched and the market response is enthusiastic. It’s a platform that truly belongs to players, and it’s reasonable to believe that GenesisIsland will be the most rewarding game on BSC Chain.

8, Th12 2021
HappyIsland’s global synchronization debut is about to start

The business scope of HappyIsland meta universe ecosystem covers global digital asset investment users. It has established independent business or operation centers in many regions around the world, and is committed to gradually implementing HappyIsland’s global mapping and completing the integration and development of all-round applications. At the same time, focusing on the investment opportunities of high-quality meta-universe games, and carrying out high-quality project incubation, the aim is to build the most advanced meta-universe chain game ecological platform in the industry in the future.


Introduction to the HappyIsland meta-universe chain tour ecological platform:

HappyIsland is an open game platform that allows developers to launch game products, and can rely on platform resources to launch a large number of playable and safe NFT games. Become the underlying platform of the NFT game world, serving game parties and players.

HappyIsland’s vision is to create a truly immersive virtual space for users through the realization of the meta-universe. Users can perform various activities in HappyIsland to improve the accessibility and scalability of the game. HappyIsland is a meta-universe game aggregation platform. After passing the inclusion criteria of the HappyIsland platform agreement, it will be included in the candidate game list, and will be released on the HappyIsland game platform after being approved by the community.

HappyIsland game platform is an open platform. If you want to log in to the meta universe project of HappyIsland game platform, third-party game developers need to pledge HLD, sell and operate their own games on HappyIsland platform, and the income generated will also be settled through HLD.

HappyIsland has four game system incentives:

One: Achievement system

Achievement system: Every player who enters HappyIsland can gain identity by playing the game of HappyIsland, and get different achievement rewards.

Two: Incentive system

Incentive system: The HappyIsland platform empowers the game. For games on HappyIsland, a certain percentage of HLD is used as an incentive for test users. While playing any game, game players are also participating in the entire HappyIsland platform ecology. Mining, get the dual incentive of HLD tokens and game rewards.

Three: aggregation system

Aggregation system: HappyIsland continuously participates in the incubation of new projects, and combines its strong development strength to launch explosive games. Break through the barriers between the game and the game. For example, the items in game A can be exchanged for clothing in game B through the aggregation system, and finally realize the integration of all games on the platform through HappyIsland, and realize the free circulation of HLD.

Four: Empowerment system

Empowerment system: HappyIsland will be a place where the game and the platform can empower each other. The HappyIsland game platform is open and inclusive. Any third party, individual or team, can sell and operate their own games on the HappyIsland platform. The platform and the game empower each other, and the game revenue is settled through HLD, which strengthens the circulation of HLD.

8, Th12 2021
HundredDAO, a new perspective for the possibility of NFTs and DAO

HundredDAO is a gathering of 10,000 Hundred NFT owners who may be fans for Game and DAO. “HundredDAO combines anonymous, playability, and also decentralized autonomous governance together, users are not only a DAO member, but also can enjoy playing games embedded in the system.” Said by Miler Ada, the founder of HundredDAO.

In HundredDAO system, they have Hundred NFT, Hundred Market, Hundred Guild and Hundred Fund. HundredDAO members will share all the profits generated from NFT sales, transactions, upgrades, funds and game guild.

Hundred NFT

The Hundred NFT is a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFTs. There are 3 levels due to the originally rarity: R(Rare), SR(Super Rare) and SSR(Specially Super Rare). R and SR can be leveled up to SSR via composition, transaction, minting, etc.

The Hundred NFT will be distributed through Whitelist(Pre-sale), Airdrop, and Public-sale.

Join the airdrop and whitelist here: wn.nr/2kH7LT

Hundred Market

The Hundred Market will open to all the users around the world. It will support the listing and advertising for those projects Hundred Fund invests in, and also games projects winning the vote of Hundred Guild by the traffic it attracts. And members can also trade game equipment in Hundred Market.Then it will build a positive ecosystem within the HundredDAO platform.

Hundred Guild

Hundred Guild is a Play-to-Earn gaming guild. Members of Hundred Guild collectively votes for what game to play, what game studios to cooperate with. It will provide a chatting tool for members to communicate and share experience for playing games.

For the games which need their original NFT as a ticket to play, users can use Hundred NFT as collateral on Hundred market and exchange for an aimed game NFT. Then they can play the game without buying new NFTs. They have Hundred NFT and can exchange others, it will lower the threshold of playing NFT games. All the rules and risk control system will make Hundred NFT a deflation model, so users will always enjoy play to earn on HundredDAO platform.

Hundred Fund

Hundred Fund manages funds from stakers and part of HundredDAO profits through Hundred NFT sales and transactions, and Hundred Guild earnings. The fund will be invested in Crypto, DeFi and NFTs which are voted by HundredDAO members. The profit will be divided into 2 parts: one part will be shared with stakers and DAO members and another part will be used to buy back Hundred NFT which will be a way for the exit mechanism.

“We hope that by establishing HundredDAO, we can find the exclusive 100 members with common goals to jointly build the community, and share all the profits we make. HundredDAO may not be the ultimate solution for GAMEFI and DAO, but we will continue working for the common wealth of the industry.” Said by the founder of HundredDAO.

HundredDAO provides a new perspective for the possibility of NFTs and we hope there may be more great projects in the market to bring the market greater ideas and vitality.

Website: https://www.HundredDAO.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HundredDAO
Discord: https://discord.io/HundredDAO
Telegram: https://t.me/HundredDAO
Medium: https://medium.com/@HundredDAO