3, Th4 2022
K-play platform will launch the global ecological co-builder recruitment plan in April

On April 3, according to the K-play platform announcement, K-play will officially launch the global ecological co-builder recruitment plan in April, 2022. The plan aims to invite global co-builders to participate in K-play’s metaverse ecological construction and ecological autonomy, completing the great concept of intelligence, democracy and freedom, and committed to building the world’s largest intelligent democratic ecological application. Ecological co-builders will receive multiple incentives and rewards such as the official annualized staking rewards and meta pro rewards.

K-play is an open platform based on blockchain technology which uses smart contracts and core algorithms to combine decentralized finance with ecological applications in metaverse, and ensure the platform is orderly and trustworthy for intelligent operation. With multiple advantages such as comprehensive open source core code, intelligent financial-level clearing and settlement functions, and decentralized DAO ecological autonomy, K-play is committed to working with more ecological co-builders to build the world’s largest intelligent democratic application ecology.

K-play issues the token KPT and allows users to stake, mint (loan) or participate in more activities on it. You can obtain the only circulation medium KUSD in all the applications through minting after staking KPT. Both KUSD and KPT can be traded in the global circulation market. The issuance and circulation mechanism of the token KPT will intelligently trigger all the smart contracts of the platform. Smart additional issuance of KPT provides continuous and sufficient liquidity, and it will intelligently trigger the burning mechanism which enables tokens to have a stable value system supporting the platform.

It is reported that the ecological co-builder recruitment plan will be launched in April and last long.

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