2, Th4 2022
Polygon Network’s theme salon was successfully held, and the representatives of K-play platform were invited to attend

On April 2Christos Kepler, the representative of K -play, attended the event as a special guest and delivered a speech in the salon event held by Polygon Network with the theme of "Blockchain Empowers the Metaverse Future". Christos believes that Polygon has low transaction fees and high compatibility. Christos revealed that his team was building a new metaverse floor platform K-play based on Polygon. The team will open all core code, enabling the community to do more imaginative development on the platform infrastructure. To participate in the ecological construction of the global Metaverse together and receive corresponding encrypted digital currency (KPT) rewards.

Chritos the initiator and chief economic advisor of the K-play platform, and his team aim to accelerate the transformation of a fairer and transparent metaverse application platform in the world and build the world's ecosystem of largest intelligent democratic application.

Christos revealed that K-play issues the token KPT and allows users to stake, mint (loan) or participate in more activities on it. You can obtain the only circulation medium KUSD in all the applications through minting after staking KPT. Both KUSD and KPT can be traded in the global circulation market. Christos said that the K-play official would launch a global ecological co-builder recruitment plan in near future, which would be mainly based on the K-play official announcement.

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